How we charge for our services

We like to offer our clients certainty on fees. We do this by charging fixed or capped fees, wherever possible.

We operate a different model to most traditional law firms, in that all of our solicitors have been qualified for at least 10 years. We offer a very practical, personal service and our fees reflect this.

Hourly Rates

Our standard hourly rates are:
  • Partners & solicitors: £230
  • Paralegals: £100
We charge for our time in units of 6 minutes, so £23 per unit for solicitors and £10 for paralegals.

All fees shown on this page exclude VAT, which will be charged at 20%.

Where we agree a capped fee, we will charge for the work on a time basis up to the capped amount.

Fixed Fees

A fixed fee means that we will charge the agreed fee, irrespective of the amount of time spent on the project.

Where the project or transaction does not reach its conclusion (i.e. you or another party decides to withdraw), we will charge for our work on a time basis at our hourly rate. The total fee will not exceed the agreed fixed or capped fee.

Commercial Property

We do not have a set fee-scale for commercial property work. However, we typically charge fixed fees of:
  • 0.5% of the sale / purchase price; and
  • 5% of the first years’ annual rent for a commercial lease
For very simple matters, we may agree to charge less. For very high value properties, we may also agree to charge lower percentages.

Fixed Fees

Where we offer a fixed fee, we will set out the scope of the work in our client engagement letter. If the transaction takes longer than anticipated, for reasons beyond our control, we will still charge the agreed fixed fee.

If you ask us to do work outside the agreed scope, then we will provide another quote for that additional work. The additional quote may be fixed or charged on a time basis - we will agree it with you before starting the additional work.

Payment by Time

For clients who prefer to pay on a time basis, we are always happy to do so and we will never spend longer on a matter than is required. We will charge at the hourly rates set out above, unless we agree to lower rates in our client engagement letter.


For commercial property work, timescales vary a great deal. It might be possible to conclude a simple lease in one week but many transactions take 1 - 3 months. We will always try to manage your expectations and work to your preferred timescales.

Residential Property

As a commercial law firm, we do not typically deal with residential conveyancing for people moving home. However, we do act on the following types of residential transaction:
  • HMOs purchase where the lender is separately represented, e.g. Shawbrook Bank or bridging lenders.
  • Large houses for development.
  • Blocks of flats where investors are looking to ‘title split’ and create leases of individual flats.
  • Conveyancing for HNW individuals and family offices.

Fixed Fees

Our fixed fees start at £850 for a freehold purchase or sale. For purchases, we  charge an additional fee of between £500 and £750 to deal with your lender and its solicitors.

We charge an additional fee of £250 for leasehold properties (typically flats), as there is more to do than with a freehold property.

For residential properties with a price of £1m or higher, our fees will usually be fixed at between 0.20% and 0.25% of the price.

For complex transactions, we reserve the right to quote a fixed fee which reflects the complexity.

Typical Fees

Here are some examples of our typical fees for residential  conveyancing:
  1. HMO purchase for £195,000 with loan from bridging lender
    Fixed fees of £950 for purchase and £500 for loan work
  2. HMO  purchase for £325,000 with loan from bridging lender
    Fixed fees of £1,100 for purchase and £500 for loan work
  3. Flat purchase for £2m with loan from private bank
    Fixed fee of £4,000 for purchase and loan work
  4. Large estate purchase for £4m+ with loan from specialist lender
    Fixed fee of £15,000 for purchase and loan work.

Additional Fees

If you buy a property with tenants in situ, we may charge an additional fee to review the tenancy agreements and check the seller has complied with his or her statutory duties as landlord.

Our fees always include dealing with your stamp duty land tax (SDLT) return and registration at the Land Registry.

We charge £20 plus VAT for same day bank transfers. This is lower than many firms, who charge £30 to £40 plus VAT.


You will also have to pay disbursements. These are costs payable to third parties. You should budget for the following:


Land Registry title documents: £3 per document / Total cost is usually £9 - £15


Leasehold Properties

For leasehold properties, you may also have to pay the following:
  • Sale: management pack - often £300+ payable to freeholder/agent
  • Purchase: Notice of purchase / mortgage - often £50 - £100 payable to freeholder/agent


Most residential transactions take 8 to 10 weeks. If there is no chain, it is possible to complete much more quickly. We often complete in 4 to 6 weeks.

In 2019, we completed on a house purchase for a cash buyer in 3 days. We are known for being fast property conveyancing solicitors.

Litigation / Debt recovery

For debt recovery, we will discuss your case and aim to offer fixed fees for the initial stages, where possible.

Most dispute resolution and litigation work is carried out on a time basis at £230 per hour.

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With us, you have an experienced partner looking after you for similar rates to those charged for junior lawyers at large regional/City firms.

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