We joined the legal profession with a vision of being immersed in a forward-thinking, collaborative environment. We didn’t find it, so we created it.

If you are a lawyer who doesn’t feel your firm is empowering you to fulfil your potential, you may find Converse Law is ideal. Because we don’t just value people who are good at what they do. We value good people. And we give them the freedom, support and autonomy they need to become great.  

We’re inclusive and welcome applications from everyone. We’re looking for people who are enthusiastic to contribute to our future growth and develop their own skills and experience.

Our environment is vibrant and innovative

Converse Law provides a uniquely vibrant and innovative environment for our lawyers to give businesses commercially relevant, value-based legal advice. Free from the constraints of a traditional firm, we’ve built a modern commercial law firm based on our clients’ feedback.
Our approach ensures expert advice from lawyers who understand their clients’ commercial needs, including therequirement to control legal costs through fixed and capped fees. Although we are based in Cheltenham, ours is a national firm, with national clients, so location isn’t a barrier.

How we work

Say hello to autonomy, tech enabled agile working and meetings over a drink or a breakfast buttie.

Our established firm is structured based on trusting and empowering our people; seamlessly integrating legal consultants and permanent employees.
While excellent client service is a must, we believe firmly in a positive work-life balance and having fun along the way.

We’re rooted in our local community too, committed to making a difference through charitable projects.

What we offer

You will be working on top quality projects for well-regarded clients across the UK.

If you’re just starting out, we will support you in developing exceptional client relationship and project management skills, so you become the best that you can be. We value and develop legal expertise and client relationship skills equally.

And once you’re ready, we will give you the autonomy to manage your work, your way.  
Our bright and welcoming office space in the heart of Cheltenham is our collaboration hub. It’s where we come together to share ideas about client projects and business growth.

We offer all the usual benefits you would expect as well as a little extra, like your birthday off.

And because we recognise everyone individually, our remuneration package reflects skills, experience and performance.

Get in touch

Life's too short not to have the freedom and support to fulfil your potential.

If you would like your career to be more dynamic, collaborative and engaging, please get in touch with our founding partners, Richard and Imdaad.

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