Expanding property portfolio

The project

Supporting European tanning business on their expanding property portfolio across the UK.


  • Hospitality
  • Leasehold
  • Expansion


  • Timescale
  • Regulatory

How we helped

Tanning success story Consol came to the UK from Denmark in 1996.  Consol now has over 45 locations across the UK. We’ve supported the Consol team in acquiring numerous new sites to enable their growth, as well as supporting them in weathering the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic across their extensive property portfolio.

It’s imperative for retail leaseholders to acquire properties efficiently, so that they can be open and generating revenue as quickly as possible, with minimal cost. Our objective is to ensure the swift acquisition of new sites whilst minimising legal risk in the process.

Our long-standing working relationship means we have a deep understanding of the specific operational requirements for new sites, unique to tanning salons. An inadequate utilities provision can make entering into a proposed lease not commercially viable.

Mindful of Consol’s commercial objectives, we designed a bespoke due diligence process, designed to address the specifics of the tanning salon. Our thorough and relevant approach helps Consol quickly assess whether a new site meets their requirements and make an informed cost v benefit decision on whether it’s worth proceeding.

We’ve supported Consol in the acquisition of several new sites and continue to work alongside Consol as they implement their strategic objectives.

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