Legal due diligence for peer 2 peer lender

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Over 100 legal due diligence projects for market leading P2P property lender, Crowd Property.


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How we helped

The UK housing market faces significant challenges; the under supply of housing combined with the difficulty for property developers in raising finance is stifling much needed growth. Our client – CrowdProperty –was one of the first specialist peer to peer property lenders, investing millions in loans to SME property developers to kickstart growth.

Rigorous and robust due diligence is key to CrowdProperty’s success. Our role is to conduct legal due diligence on all the properties which are brought to the platform, both residential and mixed use. Using our in-depth knowledge of both the residential and commercial sectors, we have.

conducted legal due diligence for CrowdProperty on over 100 projects. Timescales are always tight, with borrower developers keen to access funds to start projects, and investors eager to see return on their investment.

 Our experience means we identify issues quickly and efficiently, reducing the time it takes to get properties onto the platform and funds to borrowers. Our thorough yet efficient approach helps to ensure that only the most commercially viable projects are accepted onto the platform, helping CrowdProperty maintain its 100% payback to investors record and the confidence of its investors.

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